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Use Picmonkey To Create Beautiful Pinterest Pins

Use Picmonkey To Create Beautiful Pinterest Pins

This post contains affiliate links. If you click on an affiliate link and purchase something Beyond Sprouts will be compensated. To read our full affiliate disclosure click here. Pinterest is a great place to promote your content. But how do you get noticed? What’s the secret […]

Monetize Your Blog – Tips On How To Start Affiliate Marketing For Beginner Bloggers

Monetize Your Blog – Tips On How To Start Affiliate Marketing For Beginner Bloggers

So you’ve created a blog, spent many hours writing content and making it look just right. Your content is even ranking at this point. Now it’s time to monetize your blog. But how? Affiliate marketing, that’s how. In this article you will learn just what […]

Apps That Pay You Cash

Apps That Pay You Cash

Here’s a short list of apps I use that actually pay me cash to use them. I won’t include the ones that are ridiculously slow to earn a few bucks. So just because they are not listed here doesn’t mean they don’t work, I just don’t have time to dedicate to them.

My All Time Favorite Money Savings & Rebate App: Ibotta Why do I love Ibotta?

  • Because its full of savings on items I actually buy. Everybody eats! With a family of 5, three of them being teenagers, we go through some grub. Ibotta offers cash back on food, drinks, household supplies, alcohol, baby items, craft items, you name it.
  • Teamwork! We are all socially connected now days. You can earn even more money if you team up with your friends and family by achieving teamwork goals.
  • Bonuses! There are always great bonuses that are so easy to reach. Most bonuses are around a $1 and they add up fast!
  • Redemption is so easy! When your account reaches $20 you can redeem your money. I always opt for the gift card option, but you can have it sent to your Paypal if you choose.

If you haven’t downloaded Ibotta yet and would like to give it a try, click HERE to create an account. Or use my code on your app ntjg5w.


Another great way that I earn cash online is with InboxDollars.

  • InboxDollars pays you to do things you are already doing online, like watching videos, reading emails, looking things up in a search engine.
  • Taking Surveys pays a decent amount. Setting up your survey profile takes a long time in the beginning but after a while the program starts to get to know you and recommends surveys that are relevant to you.
  • InboxDollars also offers printable coupons that when they are redeemed your account is credited $0.10 per coupon.
  • Shop with Groupon through InboxDollars and earn an additional 5% cash back. Who knew Groupon could get even better!
  • Redeeming your money is easy. Once your account reaches $30 you can request your money be put on an InboxDollars ecard, or a Prepaid Visa Card or have a check mailed to you. I’ve always opted for the check.
  • Follow InboxDollars on Facebook for exclusive codes to earn even more.

You can set your home page to InboxDollars so you can get your tasks done daily. Dedicate 10 minutes a day to it and you will earn your money in no time.

Want to try InboxDollars? Click HERE or the banner below to create your account. As you can see they will give you $5 to get started.

Walmart Savings Catcher App.

I know it doesn’t pay you cash, and it’s limited to how much you can get in a year, but I have to include this app. It’s so simple and has saved me around $400 this year already. If you don’t shop at Walmart-I get it. I go through phases where I don’t step foot in there for weeks. But when we are running low or need something late at night I inevitably end up there. I scan all my receipts, my in laws receipts and random receipts I find in the parking lot or my buggy (if they look promising). You are only allowed 7 receipts a week and like I said, they limit your earnings per calendar year, (pretty sure to avoid having to 1099 everyone).

Honorable mentions:

These apps don’t offer any money back but I use them regularly to save my family money.

Dollar General App, Retail Me Not, & Flipp

Well there’s my short list. It used to be a lot longer but raising three teenagers, working full time at my real job, and managing 2 blogs and building another currently, I just don’t have time for most apps (or available memory on my i-phone).

I’d love to hear from you guys if you have an app or website you use regularly that has been a huge saver or earner for you.

How To Create A Free Website With Wix Website Builder

How To Create A Free Website With Wix Website Builder

Creating A Website With Wix Website Builder. So you want to start a blog or create a website for your business. One of the most user friendly ways to create a website I have found to date is Wix. Full of pleasing graphics and comfortable […]

What is an Upline and Why it’s Important for Your Success!

What is an Upline and Why it’s Important for Your Success!

If you’re new to MLM (Multi Level Marketing) you may be wondering what is an upline. Veteran MLM members use this word often and rarely talk about its importance. An upline is generally made up of your sponsor, or the person that introduced you to […]

Wealthy Affiliate Honest Review

Wealthy Affiliate Honest Review

As I have mentioned in a few of my posts I searched online for a few years for ways to make money online. I would always get frustrated with so much overwhelming information from hundreds of sites. I could NEVER find all the answers in one place. I have a so many pages bookmarked for different advise. Each site said something different. I would save and compare until my head spun. Then one day I stumbled on a review of Wealthy Affiliate. It wasn’t the best review but it was enough to peak my interest. If I had learned of this site a couple of years ago I’m not sure I would have even paid any attention to it. But I am so glad I did this time.

I am now ready to share with you what I love and what I think could be better with Wealthy Affiliate.

Here’s my Wealthy Affiliate honest review:

What I love about Wealthy Affiliate-

  • Wealthy Affiliate doesn’t promise to make you rich. The goal of Wealthy Affiliate is to offer you knowledge. Free knowledge. Everything you could ever think about asking any experienced affiliate marketer is available on Wealthy Affiliate.
  • Excellent Training Courses. The very easy to follow lessons walk you through step by step in creating a website. Getting your website indexed by search engines and over time getting your content ranked.
  • Live Chat. If you have gone through your lessons and have a quick question live chat is a great place to get a quick answer. But make sure you have searched for your answer first. Almost everything has been covered at one time or another. Do a little research before heading to the live chat.
  • Community of over 10,000 people that want to share their knowledge with you and genuinely want you to succeed. Build your profile, interact with the community, write blog posts, create training materials. The more you know the better your website will be and the more money you will eventually make.
  • You get two free websites with your free membership. Without paying a penny you can make two very professional looking websites with income possibilities.
  • Spam is not allowed. Where else can you learn about affiliate marketing without a popup to annoy you or downloading an eBook.
  • There’s no up sales. The only membership available is premium.

Here’s a look at what the memberships have to offer:


  • You can get lost in all the information available. Do yourself a favor and stay on track with the training. It is so easy to get lost in user created training and blogs or the live chat.
  • Some user created training can be a little outdated. Check the dates on posts.


  • Wealthy Affiliate does not set you up with affiliate companies. You create your website, add quality content, and earn affiliate relationships.
  • You will not earn an income by just being a member of Wealthy Affiliate. You may put in months of hard work before you see any earnings.

So there you have it. Wealthy Affiliate is exactly what I was looking for all these years I just didn’t know it. If you have an interest in creating a website then set up your free account, go through the first level of training and see if this platform is right for you.




My Inspiration

My Inspiration

My inspiration for starting a blog was my family. We are just a middle class family struggling to have a normal life. Skipping luxuries to pay for necessities. I knew there must be more out there than just going to work and coming home. When […]

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